Can anyone book private coaching?

To book Gravity Performance Private Coaching sessions at UK snow centres we require you to be of advanced level to comply with slope policies, or members of a UK Registered Ski Racing Club, or hold a valid Ski Instructor Qualification.

I’ve booked private coaching or a group session at snozone milton keynes what do i do on arrival?

You need to arrive a good 30 minutes before the session to allow time to get changed into your ski clothing. As an advanced skier we expect you to bring your own equipment but if you forget you can get skis and boots from rental as part of your lesson free if you present your Gravity Lesson voucher to the rental technician. Snozone MK postcode is MK9 3XS and Snozone is located in the Xscape building. Your Gravity Coach will meet you at the Private Sign in the rental area and issue you with your lift pass. We require you to wear a helmet during your training.

I’ve booked private coaching at the Snow Centre hemel Hempstead what do i do on arrival?

Your Gravity Coach will meet you at the check in desk 20 minutes before your lesson starts to issue you with your lift pass. As an advanced skier we expect you to bring your own equipment but if you forget you can get skis and boots from rental at no additional cost.The Snow Centre postcode is HP3 9NH. We require you to wear a helmet during your training.

I’m late for my lesson what do i do?

Please call +44 (0)7743 357295 or text as soon as you can.

Is skills squad suitable for my child?

Your child must be able to use the drag lift without assistance and ski in control with linked turns. Skills squad is a skill development session attended by ski racers, instructors and motivated speedy snow-ploughers.

How much skiing experience do I need to attend Alpine training camps?

To train with us you need to be a strong parallel skier able to carve the ski. Because we have multiple training groups you will be allocate the most suitable group for your experience and ability. Many trainees are members of ski race clubs and ski on a regular basis in UK indoor snow slopes. Some trainees are ski instructors wishing to further.

How many pairs of skis do I need?

For the moguls week you only need one pair of skis. For the Alpine race camps you need to bring Slalom and Giant Slalom Skis suited to your age and your ability. For our SnowWorld Holland camps you only need your slalom skis.

I want my child to come without us on an alpine camp; is there a house parent?

For the camps attended by athletes without parents we have a house parent in attendance to support the coaching team with pastoral care. House parents are DBS checked.

We have accommodation can my child stay with us?

Yes, but we strongly advise that all athletes stay in the provided accommodation with our team to get the most for the weeks activities. If athletes stay with parents they need the facility and equipment to do their own skis each evening.

Do I need to be fit?

We want you to have a great week with us and get the most from your time on snow. Being fit and strong will give you fresh legs each day to improve through the course.

How tiring are the camps?

The camps are a lot of fun and the training days are often long and intense. Sometimes on SnowWorld camps we are up at 5.30am and skiing from 7am, finishing in the wax room at 8pm. You’ll really feel like you’ve put the work in and you will see the results. The more effort you put in, the more you’ll get from our coaching. So tired is good!

How good a skier do I need to attend the moguls camp?

Moguls are a real challenge to our skills as skier. To get the most from the course and have the best chance of improving your personal performance in the bumps, you need to have good level of fitness and strength.

A good level of physical conditioning is essential to adapt to the terrain and explore the tactics and concepts of mogul skiing with the coaches, and have the stamina to build a volume of turns in the bumps to explore these concepts and build consistency in technique and line.

You need to be a strong parallel skier able to execute short radius turns on a red run.

Can I hire skis in resort?

For our Moguls week ski hire is not an issue in resort, thought we recommend that this is arranged by you well in advance. For the race weeks this is more of an issue. Race skis are very difficult to get hold of in resort. Hintertux has a hand full of FIS GS skis for hire and we need to book them months in advance. It really is best that you bring your own skis so that you are familiar with them and happy with the way they ski.

Can Parents come to camp as well?

Yes parents are very welcome, but we strongly advise that all athletes stay in the team accommodation. If parents choose to come, they can join in on some of the dry land activities or in the wax room!

What is the youngest age on the course?

The youngest athlete that may train us on our mountain based training is 7 years old and need to be a strong parallel skier and member of a UK registered ski racing club. If your not too sure your childs level you can send us a short video clip of them skiing to and we will be able to advise you before booking.

Where do I buy ski tuning kit from?

On the camps we like students to have very basic tuning kit with them, their own wax scraper so it is sharp when they scrape their skis, race file so that they have a good sharp file to tune their ski, brake retainers to hold the ski brake back when sharpening/waxing and an apron so that they can keep their clothing free from scrapings and wax. We will provide all other equipment for ski servicing for use on the camp. Major ski retailers such as Ellis Brigham and Ski Bartlett supply all of these items. Gravity can supply team through our online store.

What about weather conditions?

For our indoor camps the weather isn’t a problem though it can be very cold. For our Alpine camps the weather can always be changeable. We choose the resorts for the camp due to their good snowfall record and snowmaking ability to ensure that we can run training subject to the lifts being open. If we cannot ski will be running physical training.

What happens with lift closure?

In the event of lift closure we will use our time to work on conditioning and improving our knowledge of ski tuning. We strongly recommend that clients have cancellation insurance as no refund can be given for lift passes or on-snow training missed because of lift closure or poor weather resulting in cessation of training.

What are the resorts like?

We have chosen our camp locations because of their great terrain, snow record and snow making ability. More information on specific locations can be found in our camps section. Our indoor choice in Europe is SnowWorld which is the number one choice for summer training for many World Cup Teams. You will receive an Alpine Camp FAQ after your booking is confirmed including resort and accommodation information.

How do I get there?

Live in athletes not being accompanied by parents, may travel out with team coaches. Loco parentis and medical consent must be made after booking the camp. We respectfully request for comfort and well being that full disclosure of allergies and pre-existing conditions must be made prior to the camp.Flight details are located on the camp pages and must be booked by parents directly with airline at the time of booking the camp. Adults training are welcome to drive, fly and must make their own travel arrangements. Please contact for more information.

How much spending money do i need?

For those lodging with the team. We recommend 25 euro per day for lunch and refreshments for the Schladming and Hintertux Camps. For the SnowWorld camp we recommend 10 Euro per day.

How do I get skiing/ski Racing insurance?

Please contact your insurer for the best advice on appropriate skiing and a cancellation insurance for this activity.

How do I get to SnowWorld, Holland?

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T: +31 (0)45 54 70 700
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