Benefit from a quality balanced ski Coaching programme.


Working together to achieve short term goals over the year.


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Athlete Programme

Structured training indoor and outdoor

Our Ski Team Athletes benefit from a quality balanced Ski Coaching programme that does not impact upon education. Our Indoor/Outdoor Ski approach consolidates and refines improvements from winter training, working together with athletes to achieve their goals.

Good all-round fitness will maximise the benefit of our on-snow training and to reduces the risk of injury while skiing. With the opening of a new generation of real snow slopes we have never had a better opportunity to develop skiers to achieve their potential.

Our UK training base is Snozone Milton Keynes, which is the country’s longest indoor real snow slope. Snozone has been our training partner for 9 years and supported us in developing talented young skiers through to the British Ski Team by providing the best training environment in the country. We train in some of the best ski locations in Europe through the winter ski season. Hintertux in the Tirol offers the best glacial skiing venue in Europe, and Schladming hosted the 2013 World Championships as well as being home to the famous Night-Slalom.

Jess has been coached by Glen for nearly 11 years from Mini to U18. During this time Glen has been a central figure in her development of essential skills as the platform to build on before moving onto ski racing. Jess has won the British Slalom Championship and has been a member of the Great Britain Childrens Ski Team for 6 seasons.

Stuart Anderson


Make the most of race day

It is important that the coaches and athletes are working together to achieve short term goals over the year. With target races in the programme planning, both early and mid-season, we can test what we have been working towards in a competitive environment and measure our progress. In the summer of 2015 we will be taking our team to the BASS Races at Landgraaf Holland. The slope is used by many World Cup Teams in the summer months and a great place for British Racers to improve their BASS Points.

In the 2015-16 Season we have 2 alpine races that we are supporting with members of our athlete programme. The first is the Anglo-Scottish races in Les Houches, Chamonix Valley, France taking place in early January. The second race we are supporting is the Interschools Challenge, also taking place in Chamonix early to mid march. The days of both races are yet to be announced. Race Support is provided as part of our Athlete Programme. We also welcome individuals or groups of racers from Ski Clubs or Schools to join us.


Maximise the benefit of your ski training

It has become apparent that enhancing efficiency of movement outside of the technical environment within sport is key to success. The development of a variety of motor abilities and physical qualities can enhance athletic performance, also contributing to injury prevention. We promote success by understanding the physical demands of snow sports through experience. Whether our clients are looking to compete at FIS international level or increase their fitness to enjoy annual ski holidays, we can help enhance performance by facilitating improvements in a number of physical qualities.


An initial needs analysis would be carried out through a one on one consultation to identify aims and objectives. Packages include:

 One to one 60 or 90 minute training sessions
 Oversees S&C support
 Nutritional product advice
 Access to sport science testing laboratories

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